Be an Innovation Ambassador for Mississippi


Fast Forward Mississippi is an outreach initiative dedicating to stopping brain drain and promoting our deep culture of innovation and creativity.

Mississippi is a state that has much to offer ambitious young professionals, innovative entrepreneurs, next generation companies, and proprietors of the creative economy. Too often we’re held back by outside perception of what Mississippi has to offer and the amazing things our people can do. It’s time to change that.

This change can’t happen, however, unless we’re proactive in promoting our culture of innovation and creativity. Sometimes there’s no better way to do this than spurring conversation.

We’re calling on Mississippians who believe we can be a force in the 21st century economy to be Innovation Ambassadors. Actively speak out about the exciting things going on here, and the great potential we have.

Start by clicking here and adding a Fast Forward Mississippi badge to your Twitter and/or Facebook profile pic. When people see this symbol on your photo, they’ll ask what it’s all about. Cue your opportunity to be an Innovation Ambassador. Tell people how you can go farther, faster in Mississippi.

Fast Forward Mississippi badge appears as a small icon in the right corner of your profile pic.