Innovation Ambassador Mission to XQ Super School Project in JXN

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.31.54 AMLaurene Powell Jobs (philanthropist and widow of Apple Founder/Innovation superman Steve Jobs) has pledged $50 million in grants to “reimagine high school education” for the future. She founded the XQ Super School Project as the conduit for the #ReThinkHighSchool initiative. JXN, MS is one of seven cities that will be hosting Ms. Jobs and theXQ WE THINK interactive booth, soliciting “audacious” ideas that can be turned into actionable measures for next generation high school reform. As the organization points out, “High School hasn’t changed in 100 years…and that’s a problem.” And there’s no better place than to solve the problem than in Mississippi.

Learn more about XQ Super School and the visit to JXN here.

We should demonstrate to the XQ people how serious Mississippi is about becoming a leader in education innovation. We’re organizing the first MS Innovation Ambassador Mission to visit the XQ WE THINK booth at the Mississippi Children’s Museum, Thursday, October 15th. We’ll meet at 1:30pm and head over for a 2PM visit. If you are interested in going, please contact me. #msInnov8